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Precision milling of large engineering & industrial components


Pro-Mil has a dedicated computer aided engineering (CAE) department whose role is to support the plant in terms of computer aided design and manufacture, CNC programming and production engineering.

Running three seats of Autodesk PowerMILL 5 axis/ PowerSHAPE / PowerINSPECT OMV PRO Multi Axis, data input or output is executable in a variety of commonly recognised forms of 2D CAD drawings (dwg, dxf) and 3D model data (step, iges, catia).

Fully integrated DNC connection to all machine tool controls allows downloading, drip feeding and back transmittal of CNC data for both conventional orthogonal or complex form machining.

All CNC programs are produced and verified offline using anti-gauge anti-collision features within Autodesk software. Allowing for maximised machine utilisation and minimising lead times.