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Precision milling of large engineering & industrial components


Pro-Mil Engineering’s subcontract machining facility allows precision CNC component part machining of up to 9,0 metres, by 4,5 metres to a maximum height of 2,1 metres and maximum weight of 50 tonnes.

Precision and maintaining the highest quality standards are of paramount importance to us. Our CNC machines have up to 5-axis machining capability and are laser calibrated to ensure a permissible positional error of better than 40 microns over full axis travel in any linear direction.

Our in-house CAD/CAM department support the plant in terms of computer aided design and manufacture, CNC programming and production engineering. All CNC programs are produced offline in order to maximise machine utilisation and reduce lead times.

Tool Presetting is a key element within the manufacturing system at Pro-Mil Engineering and our continued investment in state of the art tooling represents a significant proportion of our annual budget.

Pro-Mil Engineering operates a principal quality management system which complies with the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001:2015 covering our activities as sub contract machinists.

We have been audited by and carry  ‘Approved Supplier’ status for a significant number of leading UK manufacturing organisations, covering both quality and product sensitivity in areas such as aerospace, defence, marine, power generation, motorsport and satellite communications.

Some of the services we provide include: